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Welcome Back!

6th Sep 2021

Welcome back! We hope that you have all had a great summer. To all of our new pupils and families we extend a very warm welcome to you all and look forward to getting to know you over the coming term. Now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased from a school’s point of view, we hope that this year is much more normal than the last two and we can all look forward to a range of fun and exciting school activities during the year.


In addition to all of our new families, we welcome the following members of staff to the school:


  • Mr Hulse
  • Mrs Morgan


Our first topic of the year is a history-based topic called ‘Blast from the Past’. Children in KS2 will be studying The Victorians and children in the infants will be exploring famous events from the past.


I have attached a copy of this year’s calendar dates for your information but do keep checking our newsletters, online calendar, Seesaw and Facebook for updates.




Latest government advice regarding Covid-19 is as follows:


Individuals are not required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with Covid-19, or are a close contact of someone with Covid-19, and any of the following apply:


-          They are fully vaccinated.

-          They are below the age of 18 years and 6 months.

-          They have taken part in or are currently part of an approved Covid-19 vaccine trial.

-          They are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons.


Instead, they will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace, informed that they have been a close contact with a positive case and advised to take a PCR test.


Children should continue to attend school as normal. Children do not need to wear a face covering within in school.


Schools may still be asked to take additional measures, such as sending groups of pupils home to help break chains of transmission.


Everyone who has one of the symptoms of Covid-19 should isolate and await results of a PCR test as they did before. Children who have symptoms of Covid-19 will not be able to return to school until a negative PCR test has been obtained. Any child who tests positive for Covid-19 will not be able to return to school for at least 10 days following the onset of symptoms.

PE Lessons


Children will continue to be able to come to school on their PE lesson days dressed in their PE kits. Children should wear daps/plimsolls or clean trainers for indoor PE and should have trainers for outdoor PE. Children should wear suitable shorts and t-shirt for their lessons. On colder days children can wear jogging bottoms/leggings and jumpers.




New Pupils, EYFS and Year 1 children - Children have now been registered to their new classes on Seesaw and you will soon receive your family QR codes so that you can download the Seesaw family app. We also ask that you install the Seesaw pupil app (your child will receive a QR codes for this) onto a device at home so that children can keep up with the work that is being completed in school should they be absent. They will also need the pupil app at home in order to complete their homework each term. Please follow the instructions on the sheet containing the QR code so that you can download the relevant apps.


Pupils in years 2 to 6 – You should still be able to access your child’s class account through your existing family app. However, should you need a new QR code or access to your child’s account then please contact your child’s class teacher who will issue new QR codes for you. Your child will bring home a new QR code so that they can access their class account at home.


It is important that you download the family app onto a parent’s device as the majority of school communication is posted through Seesaw.




The school operates a cashless office. All payments for trips, swimming lessons, school meals, breakfast club and afterschool clubs are made through the ParentMail app. All new parents to the school should receive an email of text message with details on how to download and register for the app. If you do not receive this within the next 7 days then please make contact with the school office.


Contact Details


If you have moved home or changed your phone numbers over the summer break then please make sure that you let the school office know as soon as possible so that we have up to date contact details for you. Schools should now keep at least 2 different emergency contacts for every child so please do make sure that the office has this information.


Ready to Read/Ready for Maths


We aim to restart our Friday afternoon maths and reading sessions, with a few changes, for parents this term (Covid-19 dependant). We will update you with these new arrangements and dates for each class as soon as we are able to.


School Attendance


In light of the disruption to your child’s education during the past two years, it is important that children attend school every day. The aim is for every child to have 100% attendance.


95% attendance = 2 weeks lost learning over a school year.

90% attendance = 4 weeks lost learning over a school year.

85% attendance = 6 weeks lost learning over a school year. 


When children hit the school’s trigger points for attendance, we will send you letters to notify you that your child’s attendance is below the school’s expectations and for it to improve. Families may also be invited in to school for and Attendance Improvement Meeting. In this meeting, a plan and targets will be agreed to help improve your child’s school attendance. In cases where attendance is not improving the school may refer a family to the local authority for legal action to be taken.


Holidays in Term Time


The school does not authorise any holidays during term time unless there are extenuating circumstances for the holiday, it is assessed in the same way that an employer would grant compassionate leave. Holidays requested due to work patterns, price and availability would not be authorised under any circumstances. Any family wishing to take their child out of school for an unauthorised holiday may be liable for prosecution by the local authority


After-School Clubs


School clubs will restart soon and will be charged at £10 per term to help cover staffing costs. Any clubs that require additional resources to be purchased, such as cookery, will attract a slightly higher charge per week.  Clubs are due to start during the week of the 20th September. Children in receipt of FSM (not infant universal free school meals) will be able to access one club a term at the discounted price of £1. All clubs can be paid for and booked through ParentMail app so please keep an eye on this as booking will become live during the next fortnight.


Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8.10am. Children will not be allowed entry to the club after 8.20am. Children who attend the club will receive a hot or cold drink and toast. The charge for breakfast club is £1.50 a day, which is booked and paid for through the school’s ParentMail app. Children who are receipt of Free School Meals (not infant universal free school meals) will be able to access the club for free. We request that parents avoid leaving their children unsupervised on the playground before breakfast club opens in the morning as school staff are unable to provide supervision at this time in the morning.


School Lunches


For those of you with children in Reception or KS1 please remember that they are eligible for a universal free school meal every day. Each day children will have a range of choices which includes: 1 hot meat option, 1 hot vegetarian option, a jacket potato with a choice of filling or a cold sandwich choice. In addition to this, there is also a salad bar. There are daily desserts which also includes fruit and yoghurt. Monday is the school’s meat free day so there will be two vegetarian options on this day.


Parents of children in KS2 (who are not in receipt of Free School Meals) have to pay for their child’s lunches through the ParentMail app. Lunches currently cost £2.20.


It is essential that if your child needs to pay for a school meal that their account stays in credit. Children whose accounts do not have sufficient funds to cover a meal may be unable to take a school meal that day.


Local Trips/Visits


During the year, your child will have the opportunity to expand their learning in the local Cinderford area. This may include trips into the local woods (behind the Forest High School), to local shops in the high street or to the Forest High School to name but a few. In a bid to save paper and printing costs we do not send out letters for these ‘local’ trips. We will always send out a notification via Seesaw if your child needs additional clothing or a packed lunch for these local trips.


If you do not want your child to leave the school site for these local trips then could you please let the school office or your child’s class teacher know as soon as possible. We will still send out letters/notifications and ask for your permission for trips that involve bus or car transportation through ParentMail or Seesaw.


PG Rated Films


From time to time children may be shown PG rated films as part of their learning. Please contact the school office or your child’s class teacher if you want to be notified about any PG films that your child may be watching or if you do not want them to watch them. We will always be sensitive to any cultural or religious needs for all children.



General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - Photographs


Before the school can take any photographs of your child you must fill out a consent form giving your permission for the school to do this. The school cannot take photographs of your child to use in school until this consent has been given.


Please make sure that your photograph consent form is returned to the office as soon as possible if even you do not give your consent for photographs of your child to be taken.


GDPR – Privacy Notice


A copy of the school’s privacy notice can be found on the school’s website. If you would like a printed copy of this then please contact the school office. It is important that all parents  Please read this as it provides information about how the school uses your data.


Loco Parentis


When you leave your child at the school gates you are in effect agreeing to allow the teachers and other staff at the school to act ‘in loco parentis’ (instead of a parent).

  • School staff will provide first aid to a child who injures themselves.
  • In a medical emergency school staff will make decisions that are in the best interests of the child alongside other medical professionals, if a parent cannot be contacted or if waiting for a response from a parent may put the child at further risk. This may for example be giving permission for a child to have an x-ray if they have a suspected broken bone.
  • If a child is endangering themselves or others, a member of staff is entitled to use ‘reasonable force’ to stop them. Further information regarding this can be found in the school’s behaviour and well-being policy.
  • School staff are not responsible for children after school hours. If a child is not collected after school and there has been no contact from the parents then the child can be referred to social services.
  • School staff are not under any obligation to administer medicine to pupils. Medication administered in school will usually be undertaken by a qualified first aider and will be at their discretion. All medication administered in school is recorded and witnessed. Most medication can be administered outside of school hours, even if it is advised to be taken three times day.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss any matters concerning your child in school then please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Appointments to speak to a member of the senior leadership team can be made through the school office.


Class Teacher Contact Details

Dragonflies: Mrs J. Jones ( and Mrs. F. Smith (

Grasshoppers: Mrs K. Barrow (

Otters: Mrs K Cousins ( and Mrs T. James (

Rabbits: Miss G. Maynard (

Squirrels: Mrs L. Bailey (

Hedgehogs: Mrs H. Haworth ( and Mrs S. Bennett (

Eagles: Miss R. Hobbs (

Falcons: Miss A. Slater (

Hawks: Mr J. Merry (

Ospreys: Miss C. Howard (

Kites: Miss J. Woskett ( and Miss D. Rickard (

Kestrels: Mrs S. Smith ( and Mr S. Harris (

Harriers: Mr R. Hulse (

Merlins: Miss A. Pickett (


We ask parents avoid sending staff emails after 6pm on week days and during the weekend so that staff are able to have a break from work and enjoy some time to themselves. We will always try to respond to emails within one working day but this may not always be possible. 


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