Forrest View


Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about. 


Traditionally we have used printed letters but delivery of these can be unreliable; they are also expensive, take time to produce and are not environmentally friendly. So we try to limit their use.


The school website contains lots of information about school events and we also send out a Newsletter every two or three weeks during the school term.


In addition to this the school has an app which can be downloaded form the Apple App Store or through the Android Playstore. Search for OurSchoolsApp and then use the postcode GL14 2QA.


As the school is now cashless the school uses the ParentMail app for all school payments. Through this app parents can give consent and pay for all school trips, school lunches, afterschool clubs,  breakfast club, morning toast (for breaktime) and swimming sessions. Once your child is registered with the school all we need is your most up to date email address in order to set you up with an account. Over 97% of our parents use this app to pay for school items. 


You can also follow our Facebook page 'Forest View Primary School' which acts as a reminder for school events and celebrates some of our school successes. Please make sure you choose the correct Forest View Primary School as there are several with the same name spread across the globe!


If the school has to close for whatever reason then we will post updates to Facebook, our school website and the school app. You can also listen to local radio or view the list of closed schools at There is also a twitter feed @Glos_schools. 


The staff at the school are commited to keeping you up to date with your child in school and operate a policy where you can arrange a meeting to speak with your child's teacher or a member of the senior leadership team at your convenience during the year, not just at formal parent's meetings.