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4th Jul 2019

I've been bloging about my trip to Disneyland Paris and all the characters that I met.Come on come with me!


When we arrived we quickly dropped off our luggage in our minion themed room went to see all of the rides and the characters I couldn't wait to go on Hyper Space Mountain - but my borring sis wanted to go to Magic Kingdom I can't beleve how cool this place is!


Finally I got to go on Hyper Space Mountain - I got on then... "WEEEEE" we went to Electro land and it was amazing ten we whent to wach the parade I think my fav ride is 

Tonder Space mounting go on it you will have lots of fun.


Unfortchly I had to go we packed our tresurs and clothes and went home on the Eurostar oviously I slepped all the way home make sure you get a Fast pass

you will have lots of fun make sure you go!!



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