Forrest View

Victorian Day

2nd Nov 2017

We were not amused!

Children at Forest View Primary School in Cinderford took part in a Victorian Day to find out what school was like for children over 100 years ago. Staff and children from across the school dressed up in Victorian clothes and children spent the day having a range of Victorian style lessons.

Children were reminded to speak only when spoken to, to stand up when an adult enters the room and to call staff miss or sir. During the day children experienced lessons under candlelight and got to write on chalkboards, recite times tables and have lessons in scripture, needlework, observational drawing and sports. The school kitchen also served a special Victorian Themed menu with beef stew and dumplings and cheese and potato pie all followed with a portion of butterscotch tart!

The children loved taking part in the day and many had made their own costumes with their parents at home. Mr Lyons head teacher said “Themed days like this give the children some real experiences with their learning which they can transfer into their writing. For many children it is difficult for them to picture what life might have been like in the past, so by giving them an experience this like children can gain a better understanding of what life was really like.”

The curriculum at Forest View which was highly commended by OFSTED aims to give children inspiration and enjoyment through providing a range of experiences which will help them develop their understanding and enhance their learning.


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