Forrest View

School Parking

29th Apr 2021

This morning, for the third time in recent weeks our signs were run over outside the front of our site. This could easily have been children. We have pupils at the school no taller than these signs.


This morning some children also nearly got knocked down trying to cross the road between cars that had parked on the zig zags. This cause distress to both the driver of the vehicle and the children.


The school has repeatedly asked the local authority and the police to support the school’s efforts to stop drivers on the school run from causing a hazard to others.


You can all support the school with this by not stopping, parking or dropping children off on the zig-zags. If you are concerned about unsafe behaviour of drivers and vehicles around the zig-zags we urge you to email the police at


You can also support us by requesting that the local authority put more parking enforcement officers in the area by going to


For the safety of our children parents must stop using the zig-zags as a drop off and collection point.


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