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1st Feb 2021

Here is a message from the Head Teacher - Mr Lyons


We have been listening to what you have been telling us about our home learning. We recognise that for some children and parents that the pressure of completing all the tasks each day is too great and on some days when the list of tasks goes live it seems to be overwhelming and causing stress in your households. This has never been our intention and we have always wanted children to ‘have a go’ at home, we don’t want anyone’s health and well-being affected because things are too demanding or overwhelming. If the children don’t complete all the tasks then it doesn’t matter, no one is going to be in trouble! The tasks are there to help your child to try and maintain pace with their learning as it would have been in school. It is what the Government have demanded of schools. However, we do recognise that home learning is very different and the reality is that nothing can really replace the support, guidance and expertise that the children benefit from in school. I am a parent myself and trying to support two children with home learning while trying to complete my other work is virtually impossible. Yes, I really feel the pressure at times too. Just remember regardless of how many tasks your child completes each day, you are all doing a fantastic job. Your children are all coping extremely well and we are all surviving. We appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are very different, your best really is good enough.


The following will come in during the next couple of weeks. Spellings – the weekly spelling test in KS2 will now be removed. We will post a link to some spelling activities on a Tuesday so that your child can still practice and develop their spelling ability. Friday – Friday will become our catch-up day. We will remove one maths and English lesson each week and use Friday to catch up with any missed work from the week. There will still be a topic lesson to complete on a Friday. Reading – We are going to reduce the class reading session. Instead of a lengthy text this is going to be replaced by the teacher reading sessions. There will be a couple of questions for your child to answer during the week about the book they are sharing. There will still be occasions where staff might post a slightly more lengthy reading task to make sure children are still developing their skills but these will be fewer and more spaced apart. Well-being Wednesdays – We will share an activity to complete linked to well-being that the children can post and send to staff if they want to. Children will still be receiving the Government recommended amount of remote learning, we will just structure it slightly different to take the pressure off you all a bit. 

Stay safe everyone.


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