Forrest View


1st Mar 2019

We, the Governors, are delighted to add our congratulations to all at Forest View School for the excellent Ofsted Report the school received from the inspector just before the February half term.

We were very pleased when he congratulated all the pupils he saw and the behaviour of all the children in the school.  It is a credit to all the parents that their children are recognised in this way; so may we thank you all for your support.

We must thank Mr Ben Lyons and all his team for the excellent work they do every week for each and every pupil.  It is important this is recognised by a qualified inspector in this way as it backs the Governors in their intention of providing the very best education for all the children in our community.

Finally through this page may we advise parent that the Governors have continued with their training programme and we now have five (5) governors qualified by NSPCC for “Child Protection”.  This does not include the

staff members who have done this already as part of their ongoing training.

Once again ‘Thank You’ for your continued support

Bob Hill


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