Forrest View


 Year 1 - Mrs R. Manns and Mrs K. Cousins


Our names are Mrs Manns and Mrs Cousins and we are the class teachers of Otters class.  Mrs Manns teaches the class at the start of the week and Mrs Cousins teaches every Thursday and Friday. Working alongside us throughout the week in Otters class is Miss Morgan and Miss Powles. 

We will begin this year by focusing on the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We will immerse the children in the story using lots of role play and story-telling activities. We will be describing the characters and setting and develop their creative skills using craft based activities relating to the story. 

The ‘Walk through Time’ topic this term will focus on developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the past. We will begin by visiting the Dean Heritage Centre to learn about the Victorian Era. We will be exploring what life would have been like living during this time particularly focusing on Victorian homes and holidays. We will also be holding a Victorian Day in school where the children will have the opportunity to experience what lessons were like for Victorian children.  

Additionally, we will be learning about a famous Victorian artist and through art and design work we will be making puppets linked to Victorian holidays. In science we will be focusing on light and dark, shadows and electricity. Our music sessions will focus on nursery rhymes as well as some popular Victorian songs. These will help to develop our listening skills and help us to use our voices expressively and creatively when singing.

Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday so please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school each week including shorts, t-shirt and daps so that they are able to fully participate. As we will be spending some time in forest schools it would be great if the children could have suitable warm clothing and footwear which could be left in school during the Autumn term.

We will also set a homework pack with weekly activities to complete. The activity pack will be handed out in the first week and can be returned at the end of term, or weekly if preferred. The children receive R1’s for each completed piece of homework handed in. It is also essential that you hear your child read daily and support them with their phonic packs. An R1 will be given each time your child reads at home but please remember to sign their link book to let us know they have read.

We look forward to an exciting and busy term filled with engaging learning opportunities.