Forrest View


Our names are Mrs James and Mrs Cousins and we are the class teachers of Otters class.  The other adults who will be working in our classroom during the week are Miss Carruthers and Mrs Prawl. 


Our names are Mrs James and Mrs Cousins and we are the class teachers.  Mrs James works in class on a Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Cousins works in the class on a Thursday and Friday. The other adults who will be working in our classroom during the week are Miss Carruthers, Miss Prawl and Mrs Mansell.


Our topic for the Summer Term is ‘Wonders of the World’. We will start the term by planting different plants and seeds as our hook. In Science we will watch and record how these plants grow and later on in the term, in Design and Technology use their produce to create a food dish.


The focus of the topic is to learn about the different human and physical features within the UK. We will learn about the different types of features for example: beaches, mountains, fields, forests, cities, towns, industrial areas etc. We will also be looking at maps; understanding the symbols and creating our own simple maps with keys. In art we will be studying the local artist Doug Eaton who creates landscape paintings of the Forest of Dean and in contrast we will then look at the art work of Lowry who paints industrial landscapes. The children will create their own landscape sketches and paintings.

In Science we will be observing where plants grow and experimenting with which type of environment they grow best in e.g. sand, stones, soil etc.


Otters PE days are Tuesday and Thursday, so please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school on these days.  


Homework will be set at the start of the term on Seesaw. Children can upload their work to Seesaw at the end of the term or as they finish each task. If you would prefer a paper copy of the homework please contact the school to arrange this. Children will receive rewards for completed homework tasks. 


It is also essential that you hear your child read daily and support them with their phonics. An R1 will be given each day your child reads at home and a raffle ticket issued for every 5 reads.  Please remember to sign their link book to let us know they have read and so they can progress up the Reach for the Stars reading ladder in the classroom. You can support us by helping your child learn their times tables (2s, 5s and 10s) and practice their spelling. Children can become ‘Maths Champions’ and receive a special pencil when they know these times tables and division facts.


The phonics screening check is on the week beginning the 6th June 2022. Please engage with the phonics pack sent home at the end of last term and complete the phonics activities that have been set on Seesaw.  Some useful websites for further phonic games are linked below:


We look forward to an exciting and busy Summer Term filled with many engaging learning opportunities.