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Year 1/2 - Miss K. Groves



My name is Miss Groves and I am the teacher in Rabbits class.  The other adults who will be working in our classroom are Mrs Bluett, Miss Powles, Mrs Mattacola, Mrs Farrugia and Mrs Robins.  

The summer terms topic is calledLiving in the Wider World and we will begin with an exciting hook with the children experiencing life in four different countries from around the world. We will use this as a basis for our Geography work where we will be learning about the countries in the UK and then naming the continents and seas of the world.  

Our Artwork and music will carry on the theme of the continents, too. The children will be learning about Australian Aboriginal art and creating their own animals using the traditional dot painting method.  Music is based around Chinese music and pentatonic scales. The children will create their own piece of music using the C major pentatonic scale using glockenspiels, xylophones and keyboards.  

This topicwill focus on developing the children’s scientific knowledge surrounding plants. We will identify and name a variety of common plants and look at the basic structure of common flowering plants including trees. We will then observe how plants grow by planting seeds and keeping a diary to observe the changes.  Our Design and Technology work will focus healthy eating. We will be learning out about the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet and use this knowledge to plan and prepare healthy dishes. We will also be finding out where food comes from.  

OurPE days are Mondays and Thursdays so please ensure your child has a PE kit in school each week including shorts, t-shirt and dapsso that they are able to fully participate. 

We will continue to set a homework pack with weekly activities to complete all of which link to the work we have been covering in class and the topic. However it is also essential that you hear your child read daily and support them with their phonic packs. Children receive rewards (R1’s) for completed homework and if an adult signs their link book to let us know they have read at home which they love spending in the reward shop. 

The year 2 SATs week will commence at the end of May. 

The phonics screening check is on the week beginning the 10th June 2019. Please ensure you engage with the phonics pack sent home during parent consultations. 

Some useful websites for further phonic games are linked below: 

We have many exciting activities planned throughout the term so please remember to join us for our Summer Showcase where we will be celebrating all the children’s hard work.  

We look forward to another exciting and fun filled summer term.