Forrest View


Year 1 - Miss K. Groves


My name is Miss Groves and I am delighted to be the teacher of Rabbits class! Mrs Bluett and Miss Powles will be working with us, too.


Our topic this term is ‘Read all about it!’ in which we will be investigating an extreme storm that has damaged the Reception classes’ outdoor area. We will be investigating the damage by interviewing eye witnesses and writing a newspaper report on the incident.


Our other Literacy topics include story writing based on the ‘Percy the park keeper’ stories, in which we will be practising our capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing words phonetically and using connectives such as ‘and’. We will also be creating our own weather poems and performing them with sound effects in music.


In Science we will be focusing on the properties of everyday materials. We will be promoting team work as the children will be working in groups to plan and carry out investigations to identify the most suitable materials to construct a storm-proof house.


In other areas of the curriculum we will also be focusing on weather. In PE, the children will be creating weather dances. Through art, the children will be experimenting with colour, pattern, texture, line and shape to create a variety of weather inspired pieces of art. In music, we will be learning about the tempo, dynamics and texture of music and the children will apply this when creating their own storm sound effects.


After half term, we will focus on the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and North and South Pole. We will identify the key human and physical features of these areas with the children using aerial photos and maps as our key skills. This links with our ICT topic in which the children will follow routes using Beebots and Probots, by creating and debugging simple algorithms.


Our P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has the appropriate P.E. kit in school: blue shorts, a white polo top and daps/trainers.


We will also send out a homework pack during the first week back with activities to complete. The homework packs can be returned at the end of term, or weekly if preferred. Please ensure your child has ownership of their homework. It is also essential that you listen to your child read regularly and record this in their link book. This will ensure they are getting the R1s (merits) that they deserve, which the children always love to spend at the reward shop.


Mrs Bluett, Miss Powles and I are looking forward to a busy fun-filled Spring term!