Forrest View


Our names are Mrs Haworth and Mrs Bennett and we are the class teachers of Hedgehogs class. Mrs Haworth will teach the class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Bennett will teach the class on a Thursday and Friday. The other adults who will be working in our classroom during the week are Mrs Bluett and Mrs Beddis.

We will begin this year by focusing on the story ‘But why can’t I?’ We will spend time getting to know the story using role play and story-telling.  While studying this book, we will also focus on CPHSE in particular rules and rules we need to follow to keep safe during the present pandemic and recapping the school and classroom rules. 

The topic title for the rest of the term will be ‘Real life super heroes’. During this time we will focus on the life of Florence Nightingale whilst developing the children’s historical knowledge and understanding of this significant events from the past. We will be exploring what life would have been like during this time for the soldiers who fought in the Crimean war and what impact Florence Nightingale had during this time. We will compare life then to life nowadays. We will also look at an important historical figure from our locality – Edward Jenner. Whilst studying these real life heroes we will write newspaper reports, chronological reports, diaries and create poems.

We will continue the theme of Real life super heroes through other areas of the curriculum. In Music, we will be using our voices creatively when singing and focusing on chants, rhymes and songs relating to Florence Nightingale. During Art, we will look at the work of Paul Klee and use his work as inspiration of our own collages. In Science we will be investigating light and dark. We plan to carry out investigations about shadows and light sources.

Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday so please ensure that your child wears their P.E kit to school on these days so that they are able to fully participate. P.E. will take place outside – weather permitting – so please ensure appropriate clothing is worn.

Homework will be set at the start of the term. Children can hand in their completed homework at the end of the term or as they finish each task. Children will receive rewards for completed homework. It is also essential that you hear your child read daily and support them with their phonic packs. An R1 will be given each time your child reads at home. Children in year 2 need to learn their 2, 5, and 10 times table so regular practise of this at home would be beneficial.  Please remember to sign their Link Book to let us know they have read so they can progress up the ‘Reach for the Stars’ reading ladder in the classroom. (Children receive a little present and a certificate when they have read 35 times). 

We look forward to an exciting and busy term filled with engaging learning opportunities.