Forrest View


Reception - Mrs G Lyons



Our names are Mrs Lyons, Mrs Manns and Mrs Ennis and we are the adults working in Grasshoppers class.  Mrs Lyons teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Manns teaches on a Thursday and Mrs Ennis teaches on a Friday.  Mrs Shaw and Miss Morgan will also be working in the class on different days throughout the week.


Our topic this term is called ‘Reach for the Stars’. At the start of the topic we will be looking at our super selves. We will be discussing what we are good at and the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We will also be looking at ways in which we keep healthy and how we change as we grow. Linked to this, we will be looking at Superheroes and reading the book Supertato. We have an exciting trip planned to Overfarm to learn about how fruits and vegetables grow and will be using these in our cooking.


We will follow this by looking at superheroes in the local area and different occupations. We will discuss what we would like to be when we get older and will have lots of exciting visitors into school to talk about what they do! We have many exciting activities planned for the children and we are looking forward to showcasing the children’s work at the end of the Summer term.