Forrest View



Reception - Mrs K. Barrow


Welcome back to another term of learning in Grasshoppers. The children came back from their Christmas holidays to a shocking discovery in class……


The Three Little Pigs have been trying to build their houses at Forest View Primary but unfortunately they haven’t been very successful! As part of our Scrapheap Challenge this term the children will be investigating different materials used for building houses and how they can help the poor pigs. You will be able to see what ideas the children come up with at our Spring ‘Showcase.’


As part of our whole school topic the children will be learning the following;



The children will begin to develop their storytelling skills. They will learn a series of actions and Makaton symbols to retell ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Peace at Last.’ They will be learning how to sequence events in a story and use their developing phonic knowledge to write simple words and sentences.



The children will be continuing to develop their mathematical understanding. They will be continuing to work with numbers up to 20, identifying one more and one less. The will taking part in daily mental maths sessions to improve their counting skills and reasoning skills answering questions like…….Why do you think that? How do you know?

They will also be introduced to the concept of subtraction using practical apparatus such as numicon and tens frames. Daily maths sessions are very hands on. We will be introducing lots of new maths vocabulary.

As part of our Scrapheap Challenge and house building investigations we will also learn about 3D shapes. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Now that the children have got to know each other they will be learning how to resolve conflicts and take responsibilities for their own actions. They will be writing a letter to the big bad wolf about the consequences of his actions! During Circle time they will also be sharing their strengths with the class, learning to talk about themselves in a positive way. 


Physical Development

This term P.E is on Friday and Forest School will continue on a Wednesday. In P.E we will be exploring different ways of moving, learning to travel on and off apparatus. We will also be developing the children’s throwing and catching skills.


Our role play area is now a construction site / builders yard so if you have any toys relating to our topic please feel free to pop them in. We will take good care of them.

It’s going to be a great term. Hope to see you all at ‘Showcase.’