Forrest View


Reception - Mrs J. Jones


Hello! Welcome to Dragonflies!

In Dragonflies you will find Mrs Jones, Mrs Tabberer, Mrs Ennis and Mrs Lyons. Mrs Jones will be teaching on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday whilst Mrs Ennis and Mrs Lyons will teach alternative weeks on a Tuesday. Mrs Tabberer is the class teaching assistant and will be in supporting the class every day.

Up until October half term, we will be focusing on settling the children into their new school helping to establish new rules, routines and relationships. Our theme this term is ‘All about me’ where we will be focusing on supporting the 3 prime areas of learning and development: Personal, social and emotional development; Communication and language; Physical Development. We will be learning about our bodies and what makes us unique; exploring what we are good at and what makes us the same/different to our new friends. We have an exciting trip planned, where the children will be painting rocks to hide around Cinderford town, learning all about the community around them.

Linked to this we will be reading the book ‘Funny Bones’, learning about the bones in our body.  This will feed into our next topic after October half term where we will be focusing topic ‘Stones and Bones’ learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.

This term in Dragonflies P.E is on a Monday morning and Forest school sessions will be on a Thursday afternoon.