Forrest View


Reception - Mrs J. Jones


Welcome to Dragonflies! My name is Mrs Jones and I am the class teacher in Dragonflies. The other adults who will be working our classroom are Mrs Tabberer, Mrs Ennis, Mrs Lyons, Miss Morgan and Mrs Brook.


Our whole school topic this term is callled “Scrapheap Challenge”. To start the topic we will explore the materials used by the three little pigs to biuld their houses. Throughout the term we will be exploring different material properties and making comparisions between houses. Through design and technology the children will be building their own houses which we look forward to sharing with you during showcase.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development-

We will be exploring growth mindset through circle time, focusing on talking about ourselves in a positive way. Using our theme of Three Little Pigs, the children will be helping to resolve a conflict by writing a letter to the big bad wolf about the damage he has caused to the three little pigs.



The children will be learning different techniques to support their story telling skills. We will be learning a number of actions to support us in re-telling the stories Three Little Pigs and Peace at Last. As a class we will create story maps and learn how to use these to support our story telling and writing.



Using lots of practical resources, the children will be learning how to subtract. Some children will be focusing one ‘one less’ and some children will be beginning to subtract from 10. Through everyday routines and playing games such as ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf’ we will be learning about time. We will also revisit 2D and 3D shapes, building on previous knowledge to supoort our design and technology unit.


Physical Development

This term P.E is on Friday and Forest School will continue on a Thursday. In P.E we will be exploring different ways of moving, learning to travel on and off apparatus.



We look forward to another exciting term of learning!