Forrest View


Year 5 - Mr S. Harris


Welcome to year 5 Kestrels class.


For the Spring Term our topic will be ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ a DT and history based topic.  Lots of our work this term will be based upon the book ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. We will also be looking at the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians, learning about Gods/ Goddesses and mummification among other areas.


For our hook we will taking part in a Knex Challenge, we will be designing and building a  model of a fairground ride. Throughout the term we will also be building our own Skyscrapers.


This term we have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays, however it is useful to keep kits in school at all times.  P.E lessons may change due to weather and other school commitments.


Homework has been given out at the start of the term and children can hand in their completed homework each week or at the end of the term, every piece of homework is rewarded, the ones that show a real level of effort might even get Head Teachers awards. 


You can support us by listening to your child read regularly and helping them learn their times tables.


If an adult signs their link book to let us know they have read at home children are given an R1.