Forrest View


Year 5 - Mr S. Harris


For the Spring Term our topic will be ‘Read all about it’ which will focus on geography such as extreme weather and natural disasters.  We will look at how this is reported in the news. During the term we will learn about different disasters and create our own written and video news reports.  We will look at energy sources and consider how we can make our energy use greener. In D&T will be making our own renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. Our Science lessons will be about Earth and space. 

This term our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Our Thursday lessons will be Tag Rugby, with coaches from Gloucester Rugby Club. We will also do the daily mile whenever the weather allows.

Homework will be set at the start of the term and children can hand in their completed homework each week or at the end of the term.  You can support us by listening to your child read regularly and helping them learn their times tables. Children will receive rewards for completed homework and if an adult signs their link book to let us know they have read at home.