Forrest View


Welcome to our class pages. Use the links on the left to find out further information, including homework and curriculum plans, about each class.


Our current class structure is:


Reception (Dragonflies) - Miss J. Jones

Reception (Grasshoppers) - Mrs K. Barrow

Year 1 (Otters) - Mrs K. Cousins and Mrs H. Haworth

Year 1 (Rabbits) - Miss K. Groves

Year 2 (Squirrels) - Mrs F. Smith

Year 3/4 (Ospreys) - Miss C. Howards

Year 3/4 (Eagles) - Miss R. Hobbs

Year 3/4 (Hawks) - Miss A. Pickett

Year 3/4 (Falcons) - Miss J. Woskett and Mrs D. Rickards

Year 5 (Kestrels) - Mr S. Harris

Year 5/6 (Harriers) - Miss A. Slater

Year 6 (Merlins) - Mrs L. Bailey