Forrest View


The school is currently involved in a number of research and development projects. Please scroll down to find out more.


1. Growth Mindset

The school is working with the University of Gloucestershire and a number of local Forest schools to examine the impact of Growth Mindset in the classroom. Forest View has been using Growth Mindset with its children for a few years now and we have lots of positive outcomes as a result. We want children to move away from a 'fixed mindset' which means that they can give up easily and won't challenge themselves. Growth Mindset is about changing the language in the classroom and celebrating each child as an individual with their own unique strengths and areas for developments. Growth Mindset teaches children to expand their minds, to challenge themselves and to be not afraid of trying new things or doing something in a different way.


2. Oracy Project

The school is working in calloboration with the local Teaching School Alliance and a number of local Forest schools to examine the impact of story telling and reading on children's Speech and Langauge skills. The project is aimed at children in EYFS and year 1. Pie Corbett is supporting the project and if successful the model which will be created will have the capacity to be rolled out nationally.


3. iPads

The school is currently developing its practice around the use of iPads in the classroom to support learning. The school has been working with a lead 'Apple' school who have been advising and guiding the school on their best use in the classroom. 


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