Forrest View



The school’s last OFSTED inspection took place in June 2015. At this time the school was graded as ‘good’. The very positive report highlighted many areas of strength within the school and demonstrated that the school was close to being outstanding.


OFSTED made the following comments about the school:


  • Teachers provide a nurturing environment, consequently pupils want to learn;
  • The themed approach to learning provides inspiration and enjoyment;
  • The relationships between adults and pupils are warm and respectful;
  • Pupils feel very safe in the school and are aware of how to keep themselves safe.
  • The safety of pupils is outstanding;
  • Parents and carers are highly positive about their school. The very large majority believe their children have an excellent experience at the school;
  • There is a real culture for learning; being successful and celebrating is at the heart of all that the school does;
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength of the school;
  • Pupils enjoy their learning and want to be successful;
  • Parents, staff and pupils are proud of their school;
  • Pupils are very knowledgeable about what constitutes bullying, including cyber-bullying. They say bullying is not a problem in the school;
  • A pupil in the homework club described the school as ‘like home’;
  • Parents overwhelmingly agree that their children are safe in school;
  • There are clear expectations and well-established routines;
  • Teaching assistants are used effectively to support pupils both in the classroom and in small groups;
  • Teachers mark work regularly and pupils routinely act upon the guidance offered on how they can improve their work;
  • Pupils aim to do well and take pride in their work;
  • Teachers and teaching assistants work together well to ensure the activities planned meet individual needs and capture the interest of children;
  • Children work and play well alongside each other within a happy, safe environment;
  • Parents appreciate the opportunity to work with their children and see the progress they have made.


To request a copy of the report please contact the school office.

Download a copy of the 2015 Ofsted report now: